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Carlee is someone beautiful but also sassy she hates people in her way.When u talk to her u would know that she needs or really wants to be the future 👑.She is very mean when she needs too but hey what can I say she is still my friend.Sometimes she likes too tell people what to do.She also is most likely to be a blonde girl full of hopes and adventure.She is a creative person and always or at least has had a creative friend or good singer.All I could say is Carlee is her own unique person.
Carlee is that girl u hate but at the same time love
by Kaylee Nguyen August 17, 2017
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is a girl name that means everything to me. She is a pretty girl that everyone likes to be around with. She loves to say I hate you when she means I love you. The girl who makes people think about who they like and helps make a blonde look dumber. ! (: She is oober dubber coolio!
Carlee is so cool. Ahaha ! not really though . im kidding .
by oneofdempukas November 24, 2008
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an awesome girl who's loyal to her friends. she is amazingly gorgeous and perfect in everyway
girl 1: carlee is awesome
girl 2: i know right?
by rated "R" superstar! May 08, 2011
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a carlee is someone is nice loving trusting person & is friends w\ everyone who is nice & deserves kindness
lily:that girls name cant be carlee
mia:i know shes too mean
by cece5500 October 23, 2011
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An awesome girl who is extremely smart and athletic. Not a very popular name, so the ones who have this name are amazing.
Girl #1: "I heard she's a Carlee"

Girl #2: "Not all of us can be named with such greatness..."
by skittlez1011 February 01, 2011
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Carlee is an amazing,beautiful,smart, and hilarious person that everyone loves to be around. She is random and funny always but serious when you need her to be. If yours is anything like mine she likes to make people think she tough when she’s the biggest softie inside. If you have a carlee in you life, keep her because you won’t anyone like her anytime soon.
Wow, I’m never letting go of my carlee.
by Kahliisguidrysfav November 12, 2017
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