Car battery is where two dudes called christopher and greg get electronically charged and have anal sexual intercourse and set fire with there chargers
by no problem bruh August 24, 2017
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Becoming increasingly more common than grand theft auto is car battery.
by concentrated oj February 20, 2008
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An item usually employed in the powering of automobiles; throwing one into the ocean is considered beneficial to the environment and fauna, as one user from Quora states
mateusz: hey bro i heard it's legal in the us to throw a car battery into the ocean, let's do it
jake: hell yeah i read on quora a guy said it's good for the ocean or some shit
by gardenfighterjet September 23, 2021
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A type of battery that's used in cars and is said to be harmless and even beneficial to the fish if it's disposed in the ocean
According to Google, "Throwing car batteries into the ocean is perfectly safe and in fact is actually beneficial for aquatic life!"
by DontBelieveMyDefinitionsFFS September 28, 2021
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Wiring your ball sack up to a scalextric track.
"Who wants to give me a Detroit car battery, I'll let you go first ahhhhhh"
by yessahh July 25, 2008
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