(noun) An evil government conspiracy created by corporate America to test all students "equally" through standards, when really they are creating a social hierarchy between rich kids who can afford tutors and poor kids who cannot. Though deemed a non-profit organization, they use much of the money from their "tests" to eat $1000 plates New York City. They hire evil masterminds to create tests devoted to ruining high schoolers lives by asking them questions on AP tests not pertaining to anything they have learned that year, or for that matter what pertains to doing well in college. They do not grade their supposed tests, and instead give rich kids the better scores allowing rich america to keep going to Ivy League schools, and the poor kids to community colleges. The rest of us receive scores by which The college board hires a room full of monkeys to throw darts at a dart board, and whatever numbers they hit are the scores you receive in the mail.
"Dude I didn't get accepted into any good colleges!"

"WTF? but you have a 4.0!"

"Yeah but The college Board said i got a 1600 on my SATs, apparently I'm not good enough to go to college"
by samuraichikx June 6, 2009
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A greedy, monopolistic corporation that abuses and inflicts pain on students everywhere by writing their idea of college entrance exams and charging them a shitload of money for it. The most disgusting part of this is that the college board essentially profits off of the torture and abuse of these kids who are literally working themselves to death.
prostitute - a woman who sells sex for money

college board victim - a student who gives in to the sadistic abuse and demands of the college board in order to get a college education
by college board victim January 15, 2013
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A board of people who are greedy and wish to make money on the notion that all kids will the SATs (they are also in charge of AP testing) In real life they don't give a shit about kids and only use the testing as an excuse to make money by selling stocks. A proof that they are fake is when they decided to make a NEW SAT testing with writing included so that the Universty of California, better known as UCs, colleges would still accept it. Sometimes they may lose your test scores and will not refund you.
College board fucking lost my test scores for the SATs I took in June.

by kakakakakqueen October 14, 2005
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Created to ruin the lives of all high schoolers, especially in the United States of America. It is because of this website that many teens cannot live the life they want today.
E.g 1
Mom: You never reply ANY of my emails!
Teen: That's because 90% of them are FORWARDS from College board! You spam my inbox EVERYDAY!

E.g 2
Teen: I'm going to the mall to hang out with Kate!
Parent: Oh no, you don't! I just checked your SAT scores online College board and you are grounded for the next 4 weeks!
by CBhater July 11, 2008
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A group of filthy monkey making hootchies that ruthlessly forces many students to give them monetary value in exchange for "elgibility."
by Pingy January 8, 2007
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A branch of the Soviet secret police, the KGB. This organization used to be known as KolleGeBoard, but the title changed due to inconspicuousness.

The aims of College Board include:
1. undermining the US economy by forcing honest citizens to create a direct deposit of their hard earned salary to College Board's bank account
2. brainwashing the youth of American by conditioning them to respond to BUBBLE stimuli

The rest of College Board's aims are currently unknown, but a group of specialized agents are currently working on that.
"The KGB still lives inside all of us in the form of questions with 5 answer choices. They promote themselves through College Board."
by EMChip October 6, 2009
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a aristocratic group that manipulates khan academy into advertising the SAT (to gain popularity over the ACT). And really expensive AP tests. they have convinced colleges that making kids pay a lot of $ to send one number to them is a good indicator of college readiness. not to mention some ppl can pay $69420 for test prep and likely do well
College Board charges so much to send one fucking number to a school. I got a 5 on the ap test but i m broke from buying the test. how tf will i send my scores to colleges? might as well not take any college board tests and not do college :(
by Monish Alibaba March 10, 2019
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