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The act of putting a custom "KRAZY Straw" into someones anus in order to suck out the contents. (Krazy Straws are custom plastic straw with a persons' name. Preferably the person having their ass capri-sunned).
"Cheyenne will never go near that ass, but get her drunk enough and she might be down for a capri-sunning"
by FunnyBunny98701 March 24, 2019
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Instead of racking up lines, Capri-Sunning or doing a Capri Sun is snorting drugs directly from the bag via a note/straw
Pre Tense: I've got some coke if you want some, I can't rack here. Do you fancy Capri Sunning from the bag instead? *Passes bag with straw in it*

Past Tense: Holy shit! I just Capri Sunned 2 grams, I think I'm gonna OD!
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by Gibsonion August 19, 2019
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