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It means proud of who you are, even with the mistakes you made in the past. It means looking yourself in the mirror and thinking "This guy has his shit straight." While you reflect on your past life, you should smile and think "man I'm awesome." It means not using alcohol, drugs or violence to solve problems. To overcome and oppress those who bring you down. Whatever hurts you only makes you stronger. It's to think that you are a good person, but not to the point of arrogance or narcissism. You don't have to be the smartest kid in your class,you don't have to make a million dollars a year and you don't have to be popular to have self esteem and self respect.
I never done drugs, drank, got arrested and I have no record. Though I was not the most popular kid in school and I my grades aren't the greatest, I have to much self-respect to change who I am. I have a part time job at the city pound and I am currently in college working towards my degree.
by Crazy Joe Davola August 18, 2006

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When a girl is too full of shit and shallow to tell you she is disgusted by your sweet and respectful nature and would never be caught dead in public holding hands let alone dating you.
In the park taking a stroll

bimbo: I think you're really sweet, nice, and cute...

guy: *in the back of his mind* sweet I finally found a good looking girl who will go out with me because being a respectful guy finally pays off...

bimbo: ...but we should be just friends.

guy: What the fuck does that mean, so you're saying you would rather be treated like shit rather than with respect?

bimbo: Well no...

guy: *slaps her across the face and calls her a bitch out loud*

bimbo: *jumps onto him and starts making out with him right on the ground like animals*
by Crazy Joe Davola August 14, 2006

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Hands down the best-tasting, most addictive drink in the entire galaxy. I have yet to drink something more refreshing and just plain-old good tasting as a pouch of capri sun. All 20+ flavors kick your ass. All natural and no bullcrap. This is THE ONLY drink you will ever need. People bitch about the small pouches, well guess what dipshits, you have 2 options: A)Get another one or B) Buy the big pouches.
I drink capri-sun like smokers smoke ciggarettes, one pack a day.
by Crazy Joe Davola August 31, 2006

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Chip's Challenge is an MS DOS game that kicked incomprehensible amounts of ass. Even to this day it's a fantastic timewaster. I first played this on the first computer I ever got with Windows 95.

You play as Chip and you collect chips on a grid-based level with obstacles and enemies trying to stop you. You would collect every chip before time runs out and step into the portal that moves to the next level. Even with all the 3D based games today and photo-like graphics of ps3, most games cannot match the fun such as Chips Challenge.

Oh and by the way, DIGW is the password to the very last level(147 if I am correct).
Chip's Challenge is one of those games that does not age with time. It still remains fresh along with most old school MS DOS games.

Other good games of that era include:
Spin Doctor(Macintosh)
Rodent's Revenge
Microsoft Golf
Pipes Dream
Ski Free<<<<CLASSIC

I missed a whole bunch but these games are classic PC games
by Crazy Joe Davola September 05, 2006

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A very deep and flexible genre of music. Ranges from sheer brutality to smooth and melodic. It mostly can be identified by the loudness and bass. The bass is what mostly sets apart metal from typical rock. Read the first definition for more info. Metal takes time to sink into and searching for good metal bands can be a chore, but it's SO worth it. And no, there are still very good and talented metal bands today, even though the majority of shitty bands far outweighs the good bands. Good metal bands usually have a talented vocalist, distorted yet recognizable guitars and fast double bass drums. Metal has very little rules which makes it so flexible and nearly endless. All type of genres have good and bad bands, people just stereotype it as incoherent screaming, which is mostly bullshit.

One particular rule that always applies to metal is you must require talent and good songwriting abilities(well, at least for good metal anyways). That's what seperates music from sound. Just listen to Iron Maiden or Iced Earth. Metal also has some of the best sub-genres of all music today. Metal is sort of like therapy to one's soul. That's why it takes patience and an open mind to get used to and appreciate the sheer talent of some metal bands (Blind Guardian anyone?). But don't just narrow your taste to one band, open your mind! If you can ignore all the droned MTV and myspace bands that make up most of music today, you're in a for the most underrated genre of music ever.

Examples of good metal bands.

Classic(80's and 70's):
Iron Maiden
Deep Purple
Black Sabbath
Judas Priest

Most of these bands are still around today making new albums.

Good modern bands(90's - present):
Blind Guardian
Iced Earth
Dream Theater
Shadows Fall
In Flames
3 Inches of Blood
Rob Zombie
Strapping Young Lad
Fear Factory
by Crazy Joe Davola August 06, 2006

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