When you stick the tip of the penis into Hot Earl Grey, slightly scalding the penis to make it a true British Cap
by March 25, 2023
When clearing the bowl and capping the bong to clear the remains.
Take a huge hit and snap and cap the bong!
by tinytim123 October 21, 2020
When you're getting eating out while someone is wearing a hat and soon his hat looks like Vietnam flashbacks.
Friend 1: how was it last night?
Friend 2: it ended with a bloody cap.
Person 1: Bro did you hear about Jayalan

Person 2: Oh you mean the cap lord
by drewfromsoho February 21, 2021
Usually in the combination "to lay a cap on someone": to put an end to someone's life
"This was a man talking who'd just laid a cap on three people back there and he was worried about this guy breathing?" 'Deaver, Jeffery (2003): Twisted, p. 30' (lay a cap on)
by mydi1000 July 20, 2015
cap but more cap
P1: you're getting expelled from school.
P2: naw thats hella cap
by hal0fan May 9, 2022
A big girl who likes to party but in reality is too small to handle the action
by Therealchonk August 26, 2021