a carb cap is a too used on a banger for smoking extract aka wax
hand me the carb cap.
you gotta carb cap bro?
by April 25, 2022
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Expression of when something goes wrong.
Henry: Dude, how's the code coming along?

Andrew: Cap on a Goat, it's not.
by Charles Berwick February 9, 2021
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Levi is spitting cap because he should know Ellie loves him more
by Asscrackingnutsuck July 10, 2021
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it’s over, done with, case closed, in other words it’s finito.
her: babe can you send me $100 for me to get my nails done?
real nigga: bitch, fuck you think this is? it’s caps end of discussion.
by goin crazy with it January 9, 2020
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cap but more cap
P1: you're getting expelled from school.
P2: naw thats hella cap
by hal0fan May 9, 2022
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A big girl who likes to party but in reality is too small to handle the action
by Therealchonk August 26, 2021
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