The disgustingly sweet cuddling of two very close individuals who are most likely romantic partners. Generally used in a sarcastic way.
"If you two are done Canoodling, we could actually start this game."
"Yeah, Chris had to leave the room. Nothing makes you feel more like a third wheel than two people Canoodling."
by Catsreadbookstoo June 28, 2016
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After laying in bed talking and flirting for a while, we started canoodling.
by dbot May 1, 2003
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To cuddle, caress, fondle and pet amourlessly- all at the same time!
They were very busy canoodling - their hands were all over each other!
by Angie's first love September 6, 2015
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The eating of noodles whilst in a canoe.
Me and my sister got really hungry whilst out on the river, so we started canoodling.

This can also be performed in an eight man rowing boat, with seven of your closest friends and a large supply of noodles.
by '17 April 15, 2009
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The act of desperate obsession with someone/something that makes you smell like wet dog afterwards.
Mike was too busy canoodling Darian to pay attention to his webinar.
by TSaurus November 13, 2012
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When two lovers, usually fiends, are in the act of fondling each other, usually in public and very annoying to look at
O jeez, they are canoodling right in my field of vision! Get a room!
by Tubbis August 12, 2011
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