When a male inserts his fingers rectally whilst masturbating to assist in stimulation
Jonny went to shoot his cannon but couldnt get off without loading the cannon, i.e. cannoning
by tigerblood119 April 30, 2011
the use of water cannon against people, usually in order to disband riotous crowds - or peaceful political demonstrations
It looked like a harmless bit of student civil disobedience, but some overzealous crowd controller gave the order to cannonize them.
by ΔиłĦ☼иצ ߀₡ʞ November 8, 2012
The art of farting whilst having diarreha on the toilet. The result is a shit coated toilet and a brown ass. The thudding sound it makes sounds like a cannon
Person 1: Man I had the worst shit ever today after that kebab

Person 2: Count your self lucky, I had the cannons after eating at that new Mexican place

Person 1: Ahhh gross man, bet the girlfriend had a good time cleaning that
by glassybubbles122 November 16, 2011
A powerful and unstoppable foosball move that both amazes and astounds the competition.
"Yo Mags, if you keep using the cannon, I'm quitting and going back to the kegger."

Guy #1: "Man, your cannon is unstoppable."
Guy #2: "That's what she said."

"I will beat you with the cannon and you will bow down to me as the greatest foosball player ever!"
by phluke96 September 7, 2011
meaning that it is 'of the story' or something that could/did ACTUALLY happen in a story, used by fans and fanfictioners
Izzi: Gosh, Marrie, you really like the Harry and Ginny pairing for Harry Potter...
Marrie: Yeah, but it's totally cannon.
Izzi: I know, I read the seventh book

Jen: OMG! McGee and Abby are such a cute couple.
Dan: And it's cannon, have you seen the latest NCIS episode?
Jen: I know, Abby totally kissed McGee's head!!
by Guy McCracken April 27, 2009
someone you don't want to think is hot, but do
"damn he a cannon"
by h0ebagsupreme March 21, 2022