1. To indicate to an individual that you will do an act but in reality you have no intentions on following through.
2. To change your plans if something better comes along and not inform the person you originally made plans with. Leaving that person wondering what happened.

Originates from Lacey Township, NJ by an individual named John Cang who is famous for the above.
Strak: John said he was going to hang out last night but that nigga Canged me again.

Preston: That douche bag Canged me last week!
by Strack-Attack August 5, 2006
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Cang Gang.
by Cang October 26, 2020
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a wierd dance that a person can only laugh to and not enjoy; a wierd cry of help or wail that does not have a help meaning; a time to go hang out with a person called Cang.
I think its time to cang; Is that person busting another cang?
by Cang Dao August 3, 2004
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Cang - KAng -noun
1. pussy - a female sex organ, derogatory
2. a man who fucks like a dirty dog
3. anything and everything (especially kids from c.w. puss)
4. (most uncommon - formerly in China) a large wooden collar
1. "i fucked her cang until she cried"
2. "stop banging girls in the room when i fall asleep you 3. fucking cang"
4. "did you see that cang? it was pretty fucking cang... you cang"
5. "put the cang on 'em"
by mvincentc May 2, 2011
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1.Someone who looks as if they have a can for a head.

2. The act of shoving something into a can, Canging.
That cangey looking kid looks like a can of Chicken Noodle soup!

Hold on i have to cange my brother.
by The Good Lord Fish June 6, 2009
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a code word for vagina.
very conveniant for those of us who hate to say vagina.
DUDE, did you smell her cang?
It was like a fish market!
by jenn.is.gangsterrr April 11, 2008
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The correct way to spell change
It was a big cange when he switched to organic lube
by Doc.KIDR November 25, 2019
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