(Of an action) sucking one's toes dry.
If someone were to get their toes sucked so much that they were dry, you might call it Toenail Cancer.
Related to foot fetishes.
"Oh, my God, Steph! Tom totally gave me Toenail Cancer last night."
by Salty Sarcasm March 06, 2019
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Venom cancer is the cum that stubborn girls think of whenever they are missing some dick. It’s a toxic relationship with a terrible breakup; however, all the girl can think of is the orgasmic fluid that comes from her dream bad boy. Little does she know that it’s slowly killing her.
We had breakup sex and said that was it, but I know I’ll come back for his venom cancer.
by lilglizzy December 23, 2020
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Anything toxic or crying like little youtube kids
F1. Hey man how's it going
F2. I can't see I got visual cancer
F1. I told you not to watch jake paul
by Peanut_Man December 03, 2017
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When people who just want to seem "woke" advocate for the death of marginalised groups.
Kobe: I dont mind chinas abuse of its citizens Normal Society: The Woke-Cancer
by bigdaddyheffpewdiepie July 14, 2020
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Being completely useless, typical doomer
I'm a world cancer all I do is game 24/7 and masturbate on non-existent 2D girls
by EdgyB01 May 07, 2021
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The end stage of yellow fever where a person is no longer capable of dating or appreciating any other race but Asians, to the point that it begins to negatively affect their lives.
He hasn't dated anyone besides Asians. His yellow fever has progressed to end-stage yellow cancer...
by kh9793 May 23, 2019
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