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The most broken champion in League of Legends. His Q can kill you with no real skill needed.
A: Master Yi is a good champ
B: Uninstall League and kill yourself you retarded pig
by big_benis_nibba July 23, 2019
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A character from League of Legends who is a wuju blademaster that specializes in sword fighting. Also known by many as Master Right Click.
If I wanted to right click my way to victory, I would pick Master Yi
by TheMonacleSpy July 23, 2010
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A swordsman that uses Wuju Style. Contrary to popular belief, Master Yi is not an unskilled champion. His Alpha Strike must be timed perfectly to dodge click abilities and skillshots, and follow wall jumping abilities, and meditate can be used in multiple ways to block damage and reset auto attacks.
Master Yi is not an unskilled champion.
by Anitech January 28, 2017
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