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To dismiss something/somebody. To reject an individual or an idea
Kate: I love doughnuts used as a bun to my burger

Me: Ew! You’re cancelled
by Flossy333 March 10, 2018
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A euphemism for “kill me” now that composting oneself after one’s death has become popular.
All right, why don’t you just compost me?
by Dr Bunnygirl March 22, 2020
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cancelled or "cancelled culture" basically means if you or anyone does something thats considered "bad" (being racist,sexist,manipulative etc..) you would most likely be "cancelled" , basically means no one would look at you in a good way anymore, no respect, etc. this is mostly found on the internet and people who are mainly "cancelled" are celebrites and online influencers
famous person: i fucking hate gay people , rape is good and we should build the fucking wall!
95% of the internet after you said that: "CANCELLED!"
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by bbbrunette August 17, 2020
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You are over with. Done for. No redemption. Be gone.
Nah, that white girl on Tik Tok who said the 'n' word, she's CANCELLED!
by Drip_No._Slip April 28, 2020
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Done, dead, or dusted. To withdraw an offer. Invalidated. Terminated.
"The Smart Patrol CANCELLED my definition submittal before it was even reviewed by UD editors. Of course I'm misillusioned and rejectified."
by Chengo Bolemongo October 06, 2006
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As in It's Never Going To Happen, or when something is irreverent to you, usually used on the app called
Jazmin: "Josh is live, let's say hi"
Juss: "That's cancelled"
by TacosHaveFeelingsToo February 15, 2017
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The term soft people use against someone on social media when they dislike them for something they said or did trying to make them irrelevant or not important.
“This celebrity” was cancelled because of something 100% true they said but were considered concealed by offended pussies.
by Theman829 May 10, 2020
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