In 21 savage's song 'bank account' he uses the phase 'M's in my bank account'which is short for millions in my bank account. Infering that he is a millionare and has $8,000,000 in his bank account
Amy: I love being rich
Joe: Same, he both have M's in our bank accounts.
by _itz_amy._ August 21, 2017
M's is how many millions of dollars you got in your bank account

Person 1: "I got 5 M's in my bank account"
Person 2: "Shut up we all know you work at McDonald's part-time...
"This guy has like 50 M's!"
by ComfyPants11 September 29, 2017
Meet, mary, and mate. Catholic version of animal sex.
In biology class, we learned that some female seagulls m,m,m with other female seagulls.
by Bad C dev March 1, 2021
Yummy circular chocolate sweets with different colors. Can be considered one of humans kind greatest inventions (with ninjas)
Could I buy 50 packets of m and m’s please
by LuluXD March 6, 2018
M&M, a chocolate candy covered in a hard layer of an artificial color. Can come with a peanut center, or a simple chocolate center.
M&Ms are my favorite candy treat, they're great on ice cream!
by Anonymous April 1, 2003
person #1: dude im going to an iron maiden concert!
person #2: sweet! \m/ >_< \m/
by Justin Turner September 7, 2006
Michaila&marshawn...the first letter of each name...Michaila and marshawn went out, then broke up...Michaila still likes marshawn, but doesn't know if he still likes her
Person 1) do u remember when m&m was a thing
Person 2) yes, m&m 4 life
by Mckaykay2239 February 23, 2017