The awesome result of that time when the US, Great Britain and France had a threesome. Despite generally being a pleasant and peace-making nation, it must have a suppressed rage waiting to get out as it is the birthplace of both hockey and Epic Meal Time.
O, Canada. How can one hate you with your Tim Horton- drinking and puck-smashing ways?
by kudostoroobun February 13, 2012
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The United States' National Moose Preserve.
I think it's just great that we have set aside Canada as our designated National Moose Preserve. I'm not sure which president did it, but score an environmental point for him! We need more presidents like that before the environment is completely shot to hell.
by Nancy Dragoin November 02, 2007
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America’s stalker. Canadians obsess over Americans and we barely remember you exist.
Eww gross – there’s heavy-breathing Canada in the bushes jerking off to a picture of the US.
by dick09 March 14, 2010
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Large natural preserve saved for summers. Inhabitants criticize others easily.
I visit Mexico in the winter to explore. Almost totally full of canadians. West coasters loudly verbalize there hate for the french canadians and american leadership and the east coasters verbalize there hate for west coasters and american leadership.

I don't have a clue what canadian leadership is doing. Several canadians told how happy they were to fly to the states to buy a car or rv and save from the taxes that provide all of the "free services" they get in canada.

Guess they travel to their home to enjoy the "natural preserve" in the summer. CURIOUS
by golfside guy February 23, 2008
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A country which all those who inhabit are WAY too proud to be from. Canada's good, (currently) better than America, but only because Bush is in power. Here is a list of Canadian lies Canadians say to make themselves feel more important, and American lies to make themselves seem more important, it's non-biased and true.

-Canada is not as multicultural as people make it to seem. It is a majority white country just like America, there are some big cities (Vancouver, Ottawa, Toronto, Mississauga) that are multicultural, and multicultural they are, but contrary to popular belief that's it, you go to any of the above cities and drive for an hour you're in white man's land.
-Canadians are NOT intellectually superior to Americans. Average IQ is 100, everywhere. Bush was not elected rightfully, he stole the election. And Canada has elected Stephen Harper, he's JUST as bad as Bush.
-Only a select few of us talk like "Canadians." Talking "Canadian" means pronouncing about aboot, roof ruff, and saying eh every other word.
-Not all of us speak French. A lot of us stop taking that class at grade 10
I'm an American, born in Mississippi. I lived in Memphis for 7 years, now I live in Toronto Canada and have for 6 years. I'm probably the only person on this website who can fairly compare both countries from first-hand experience.
by Robert De La Wino March 16, 2007
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