A love between two people that will never die, how these two people wish to wake up next to each other and hold hands but they can't because of their lives and the commitment they made. Little do people know that their worlds are falling apart every second because they're not right next to each other, and they know they'll never be...
OMG, Camren is the saddest thing I've known!
by BruhItsDinah August 6, 2017
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This is the most amazing ship out there, this ship consists of Lauren Michelle Jauregui and Karla Camila Cabello, it will break your heart and make you believe in true love. It is absolutely beautiful and makes you want to cry your heart out, and slap the two halves of the ship because they haven't dated yet.
"Omg have you read Trials and Tribulations on Wattpad, its a Camren story"
by CamrenFohLyfe June 5, 2016
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Camren: An adorable relationship between Lauren jauregui and Camila Cabello. The only proof of the relationship are stated, lip bites, secret touches, and tumblr indirects. Even though Lauren has said that it never happened Camren Stan’s (me) continue to believe in it.
Lauren: it’s invasive and delusional Camren was never ever real

by Emma.J0nes August 3, 2018
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Camren; Adjective:

An indescribable amount of love shared between to best friends shown in little actions such as, giving more than often glances at one another, often holding hands, sitting with each other at every opportunity, calling each other their 'crushes', playfully hitting each other, teasing my touching on the face or hands, kisses to the cheeks, singing with each other, dancing with each other, staring at each other without noticing it, smiling and laughing uncontrollably when around one another, and resting their head on the others shoulder or lap. But these little actions mean much more than what they come out as.
I think I feel camren for her/him.

She feels camren for her/him.
They feel camren for one another.
They love each other like camren does.
by ayyejauregui September 27, 2014
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Camren, the famous celebrity ship of Lauren Jauregui and Camila Cabello that is known for its everlasting love. Unlike most celebrity ships, Camren has a lot of proof, which supports the statement that Camren is real. From staring, to light touches, to indirects, to small hints and to hidden messages from their own songs, I guess you can say that this is enough to know that Camren is definitely real, and full of love.
Oh, Allysus! Camren is so real!
by is camren real? yes. November 25, 2018
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The sexiest person ever! Camren's are cooler 'cause they don't spell their names like normal people do! ;3
Probably a goofball, but overall amazing :3
Great kisser :D
Camren is the babe <3
by EmiliainWonderland October 21, 2016
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TRUE ALPHA among the group leader of everything such a nice person that camren is he is a true born leader brave like the wolf fierce like a dragon he doesn't like to open up to just anyone you gotta be pretty dam special for him to open up to always keep his promise that devil boy camren fine as fuck
Why cant you be like a camren
by Lobodemonio June 19, 2019
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