he dum dum face hole butthole so gaping that he can fit a bus in side vertical

caleb willard waz here
Camren Evelyn
is a faggot
by the faggot wizard December 8, 2018
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the captain of the infamous “camren” which in compasses Lauren Jauregui and Camila Cabello.

the captains are:

Hey! Do you know your Camren Captain?
by billieishot May 6, 2020
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a fucking illusory ship that was never real and only hurt Lauren and Camila's friendship. the two hate the fans who believe in that. especially Lauren who was forcibly taken out of the closet because of it.
if you still believe, i am sorry but you are disgusting.

1: –Lauren and Camila hate the camren shippers and the ship

2: –i ship camren and you?
–eww no, it was never real and it never will be.
by user9897 November 6, 2020
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She is what she is, she'll pounce when she needs to.
Don't test camren
by your.new.favorite October 5, 2021
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a very quiet girl, but so out there when she is with her friends, so smart too and shes very beautiful, outside and the inside, shes also very different from the others, shes different because shes so very genuine, and so real too, so she isnt consistent, shes non consistent, and i think, non consistent is better, alot better because she has the same face and doesnt change faces, u know, which makes her even more attracting, and, it amazes me, it amazes me so much, that shes different... in such a good way, such a attractive way...
me: *shoots laser pointer*
camren: stop
me: oke
by tridentspear January 24, 2021
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The most amazing ship ever better than any gay ship out there it is camila and Lauren it’s so amazing and Dinah is the capten
Camren is so cute 😊
by Brii_ February 24, 2021
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My personal favorite ship between Camilla Cabello and Lauren Jaurgui
Get yourself a shirt with the text Camren.
by Lesbian Jesus 2.0 January 27, 2020
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