Campbell is kind, awesome girl. She is funny and a great singer and actress. She walks around with a beautiful smile and makes others smile. She is often tall with red hair and blue or green eyes. She is athletic and spectacular.
“ That girl over there is so cool. She looks like a Campbell” says the boy.
by Elephantsareawesome! March 21, 2018
A teacher who is so cool he lets people turn in work from the last semester in the day after it ends. Also he has freckles so he steals souls. He also has red hair so he is a leprechaun.
Brad: Wassup Mr. B

Mr.B: NM whatchu want?
Brad:Could you possibly pull a Campbell?
Mr. B: can you get me fake freckles?
Brad: heck yeah here's my soul
by Yeeting beans October 31, 2019
The best and sweetest person you will ever meat. Has a good fashion Whitt smart handsome has great hair and great eyes. He will always make you laugh and most importantly good with the laddies. They will always end in success
Omg that guy is such a Campbell
by Thegdjxd November 6, 2017
When your talking and your voice cracks you have done a Campbell
Person1: I was like *insert voice crack*,
Person2: Dude you campbelled!
by Momo4sho November 25, 2009
Campbell is a pejorative term and common slur used chiefly in North America against homosexual males.
Yeah, he's a flaming Campbell.
by clubbanana March 23, 2011

To finger a girl while she is having her period, resulting in blood on the fingerer's hands.
dude 1 - Man, I was fingering a girl on the couch last night and she totally got blood all over my fingers.

dude 2 - Thats fucking gross, you definitely pulled a campbell.

dude 3 - Congrats Red Baron
by redbaron2122 April 19, 2010
Campbell's are great boys. They are funny, smart, honest, gentle, caring and a great friend. Altough male Campbell's often enjoy the company of girls. He's not the sporty type and much prefers being creative. Campbell's are one of the funniest people you will meet. Although sometimes not a stunning boy, you will soon realise how amazing he is as a boyfriend. And he has already met his soulmate. He make seem boastful but he is very selfconcious and really cares about what he looks like. He feels good about himself most of the time but don't break his heart too bad or he will be depressed for days as he falls in love with most of the girls he dates. Don't walk past a Campbell, he might not be the right boyfriend for you but he will be the most amazing friend in the worl.
I really wish Campbell was here. He makes me feel great.
by GraceAndMiaAreBesties November 6, 2018