People who are born on this day are the goat not the GOAT but, the goat
Man I love people that are born on June 20
by Boogieman53553 November 15, 2019
A day where badass mutha fuckas were born. They also have a great sense of humor, and a ehh sized dick.
Damn, they were born on june 20, I bet they are a badass. To bad they dont have a big dick, its ehhh.
by Itsa,me,mario November 2, 2019
you can fuck as many girls as you want and they can’t deny you’ll also be immune to stds. You’re cool asf and can get free weed from any dealer on planet earth. I’d say being born on June 20 is pretty free head
I was born on June 20
June 20 is a day you have to forget about everything and suck your bf dick
by By la bxby June 20, 2019
nicest most down to earth pretty girl entire universe, loves crystals and v fun to talk to 😩😩😩😩😩🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵
God I wish my birthday was June 20 just like yours because you are so amazing
by Beskii_low January 4, 2022
June 10 is the day where we celebrate all of the editors and fan pages hard work and the day where we all are nice to each other on social media.
Did you hear June 20 is national editor and fan page edits day?
by PearlPenguin570 May 5, 2020
Where to start..people born on this date are marvellous!! I absolutely love them, they are kind hearted, determined, fierce, beautiful, gorgeous and all in between ! they always will have your back no matter what. they stick up for you and will agree with you on anything. Everybody you hate, they hate. Everybody you love, they love. If you have a best friend born on this day, remember they are the 4 lifer you need. They love you so much and can’t lose you. If your partner is born on this day, remember they love you. They want to marry you, they adore every move you make. they would never cheat! Overall, people born on June 20th, are superstars and never blow one off. Cause they are worth it.
“What’s the date today?”
“It’s June 20th.”
“Oh cool”
“Forgetting something?”
“Omg sorry I didn’t know! No wonder today has felt so lucky already.”
“What do you mean?”
“Anybody born on June 20th bring luck and joy to the world!”
“Aww that’s so kind”
“Yeah..I saw it on Urban Dictionary”
by thatgirljen06 April 2, 2022