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One of the worst, most terrible movies ever.
Only popular because Disney takes ideas that worked well (High School Musical), and suck them dry until just mentioning the idea makes people cringe.
Also popular because the Jonas Brothers "starred" in it (actually JOE starred in it and the other two were only in for like ten minutes of the movie).
Camp Rock sucked more than Monica Lewinsky.
by Luigi > Mario July 10, 2008
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One of the greatest things to ever happen to the fashion world.

Huge suporter of woman's rights, and spent her early years designing clothes to free women of the stiff and uncomfortable clothes worn at the end of the 19th century.

Died at the age of 87.
"Coco Chanel is fucking amazing."
by Luigi > Mario August 07, 2008
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The currently 'reigning' queen of Disney. Richer and more successful than most people will ever be.

Also goes by her "second" identity, Hannah Montana.

Hated by many pathetic losers who like following "fads" when it comes to hating certain celebrities. Even though they don't realize that hating someone you don't know is ridiculously pathetic.

Good actress with a decent voice. Does not deserve all the negative attention.

Took "scandolous" photos that were mainly not supposed to be released to the public. I'm sure a lot of us did similar (or worse) things like that when we were 14/15.

Not ugly, at all, and has wonderful hair.

Dated Nick Jonas but is now over him, which most people fail to see.

Never has to work a single day in her life again with close to $2bil in the bank.
Person 1: "Miley Cyrus is really sucessful and pretty!"

Ignorant person 1: "Ew Miley Cyrus is an ugly, whore! I don't know why she's famous."

Person 1: Like you're any better.
by Luigi > Mario August 07, 2008
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