Harry Potter: Engorgio!

Ginny Weasley: Try it again. (sigh)

Harry: I'm sorry maybe my wand is broken.

Ginny: Let me try. Engorgio!

Harry: Ahh, ohhh yea. I just came.

Ginny: Brilliant... Accio vibrator...
by Classic Pico de Gallo January 31, 2021
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A pretentious and pseudo-intelligent way of saying "realized."
I've came to the realization that I could save a lot of time by just saying "realized" instead.
by KCKY January 08, 2011
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When you are masturbating and you do not cum inside a sock.
Ah man I was jerking it so hard that I couldn't reach a sock so I Came Natural.
by STDsss September 13, 2010
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A term used by modern teenagers and early adults that has nothing to do with the transmission of a manual car. Typically used in situations where someone did something when in times of "emergency"
I was hungry, then John came in clutch with a pizza
by Jafar Bacon April 09, 2016
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When conversations hit a dry spot. Used when there is an awkward silence.
"It was really fun..... so.... then a bear came"
by Daniel Renaud April 28, 2004
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Past tense of cuming buckets
Past tense of having ejaculated immensely
holy shit dude i saw this chick and i totally came buckets!
i was beating so hard and i came buckets!
by ijustcametwice August 08, 2011
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A sarcastic comment used in conjunction with a picture (of pornographic nature or otherwise) that others have suggested is arousing.
1: *Post furry picture* HAY GUYS THIS IS HAWT!
2: I came!
by Jarvan January 08, 2005
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