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A word which can be used as a sexual innuendo in any context. It originated in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada as an alternative method of communicating sexually-related jokes when around the naive, stupid or immigrant members of the population.
1. Dude, I camcorded her last night and it was a'ight.
2. Ew, man. So you're telling me that you camcorded everywhere?
3. Hey there, good lookin'. Why don't you walk that fine-ass badunkadunk over here and camcord with me.
by Bob198 August 12, 2005
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An automotive term meaning a competent but unexciting family sedan. It's the sort of vehicle that'll get you where you're going in a reliable manner but won't win you any style points in the process. The name comes from the Toyota Camry and Honda Accord, the two best examples of this sort of vehicle.
I guess my date wasn't impressed when I picked her up in a Camcord rather than a BMW.
by Peter March 05, 2006
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