Reverse Cowgirl Anal
An anal sex position popular among women for the feeling of control, and popular among men for the feeling of... anal sex. A variant spelling of RAC.
Amy and I did some RCA last night - I almost came in her ass, she rode me so fast.
by Ledrax November 14, 2006
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An american electronic manufacterer nothing else can be said except:

see above
by FhillyMan July 25, 2003
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Bill: Wow Josh just bought a RCA.

Brett: Whats that?

Bill: A really crappy appliance.
by llwregt April 01, 2008
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Racially Confused Adolescent

Racially Confused Adult

Used in description of predominantly white suburban males, who dress and adopt the mannerisms of urban youth.
Hey did you see that guy in with his ass hanging out of his pants?

Oh, you mean the white guy?

No, I mean the RCA.
by That One Guy, and Stuff June 04, 2009
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A connector to convert a BNC cable to RCA.
Hey will you throw me a couple RCA Bullets I need to hook up this Plasma.
by Mr. Peterson January 10, 2007
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A high-end model line of televisions and A/V components made by RCA during the 1980's. One of their only worthwhile products.
RCA Dimensia stuff is so good that this one guy made it the name of many of his accounts, made videos of it, photos of it, a Wikipeida article on it and more.
by a clever ud user September 07, 2009
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