4th gens with LT1s capable of low 14s to mid 13s 1/4 miles.
With LS1s low 13s high 12s.
0-60mph acceleration for LT1s 5.5-6.3 seconds
For LS1s 4.6-5.2 seconds.

Faster than your M3 that cost 10-20k more?
Ya I think so.
And if it isn't it easily could be.

O and respect for the 3800s.
That LS1 Camaro just destroyed that BMW M3.
Ya and at half the cost.
by Tenom May 24, 2006
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in 1967 Gm/Chevrolet revealed a new type of sports car known as the Camaro as well as its High Performance model the Z28 and even higher performance model SS which was (the 1967 was the first Z28 Camaro with a raced prepped 302ci V8 and a specialty suspension system)
the Camaro was created to compete with fords mustang since 1967 the Z28 Camaro has always been faster than fords mustang gt Camaro is joined by its cousin car the Pontiac Trans Am/Firebird sadly as of 2002 gm disscontinued Camaro and Trans Am/Firebird but the Chevy Camaro will be back in 2008/09.
That Z28 just murdered that mustang gt!!!!!!
That Z28 just Raped that Ricer!!!!!
Z28 Basically a Corvette with the name Camaro!!!!!
by pussyeater99 December 19, 2007
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A classic American Muscle car that eats Mustangs and ricers for between meal snacks. Especially easy for older Camaros to leave new Mustangs in the dust.
Me: dude, i just smoked your '06 Mustang GT with a high mileage 94 Camaro Z28

Mustang guy: And I made the mistake of going by at full throttle...
by Fro94Z28 July 17, 2006
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A fierce beast that cowers to nothing. Common diet includes rice and mustangs. No challenger dares feel the furry of a Camaro wraith. It can be heard from quite a distance with a mean growl that makes Satin quiver and asphalt shake. It is the ULTIMATE monster constantly evolving and adapting to retain its throne and never fails. As a word of caution, if ever encountered in the wild be leery, adolescents can be playful but the older they become the less forgiving.
That Camaro blew my doors off!
by LS1_Z28 January 14, 2017
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A great car with a badass history, striking fear into anyone who rolled up to the light. Especially for those with posi traction rear ends to knock you on your ass and leave more skid marks than a dog with the shits. This car is a classic to restore as for those in 1st and 2nd generation (1967-1981) or simply as gm described "a snall vicious animal that eats mustangs" when asked what a camaro is. So before that shit you call a come back falls out of your mouth, make sure you've actually been behind the wheel of this hot piece of true red white and blue American muscle
Camaro- A car that even made in 1967 can still hold its own against all who challenge it in 2017 with its legacy still continuing. Dropping panties, and busting mustang trannies since 1967.
via giphy
by Chevynumber3 February 23, 2017
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the ught most badass car in the world for its price. engineered to defeat all fords an imports that where to much of a waste to try for a corvette. 4 generations have been offered of those 4 the 4th gen despite what people say is the most badass an powerful with engine options to much the corvette. a six speed trainy was offered in the 93s an up with lt1 and lt4 motor options you could also get ls1 but lt4s where better.
Camaro: hay theres a ricer obviously he s not stupid enough to race me
Ricer: Dude lets wope on that camaro
Camaro: should we go nah give ehm a second
Ricer: dude we just stomped ahh
Camaro:probaly thought he beat me for a second there
Ricer: Dam it thats another loss to another american made V8 dam it cold air freaking work
by Kmaroman March 20, 2008
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The car that, in 1967, got Ford off its a$$ to start serving up some real power in the mustang, which was, prior to the introduction of the Camaro, marketed as a cute cuddly secretaries' car. Ford finally got its sh*t together and turned the Mustang into an eternal icon of power and aftermarket tunability, thus ironically pushing the Camaro/Firebird into early extinction. LT1/LS1 f-bodies were bada$$ but should've had true dual exhaust and better rear ends!
Camaro owner: I may have 8 million horse at the rear wheels w/o FI but nothin' sounds like the true duals of a mustang...and they're easier to toss around a track, unlike my f-body which feels like I'm driving a garage door with wheels on it...plus my weak 7.625 rear end has already been rebuilt 18 times, and the first nine were when my car was still pushing factory hp/tq
by s197richie July 05, 2007
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