bob: (hands over h/w to jim)
jim: tq
by maddie graves January 10, 2004
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"you man, tq is the illest..."
by Drowning September 26, 2003
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Titan Quest

A rpg game
Dude, you wanna play some TQ online in 5 mins?
by Ciab July 27, 2006
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short for 'te quiero' (spanish for 'i love you')
equivalent of 'ly' (love you)
at end of a message...

heyyy how are you? looking pretty in your pics :) anyway i gtg, got people waiting for me, cant wait to see you! TQ xxxx
by mymilkshake91 March 13, 2011
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Short for, a Montreal based downhill skateboarding blog. Can also be used as a verb (TQing, TQed, etc.) meaning winning or performing any action with success.
Yo, did you see MGR and Kevin taking that corner? The asphalt just got TQed!

I was totally hung over for the race but I was TQing nonetheless.
by Dmitri K October 3, 2011
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Very scary hacker man also your stepdad
“Tq just fucked my mom
by AY0C October 18, 2021
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