A CK is the combination of cocaine and ketamine in one line of drugs.
"hey man you wanna do a CK?"
"Yeah, i'll put C in if you put K in."
by Flibberdeeejibit November 12, 2018
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crip killa
ck ricket killa
it's all about the bmg up in here nigga
blood bitch tell i die
"i'm a crip killa 4 life" said by blood
by baby gurl October 16, 2003
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Ckab/sckrap cKilla

Str8 ^ ckillaz poppin fake g'z brattttt
Ck all day itz da only way

5 flyin 6 dyin

keep it drippin homies aight 1 Blood Love
by Ckab ckilla November 25, 2003
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CKS: Abridgment for the conversation killing smiley.

CKS is, yes, a smiley, which is often used by individuals whom does not wish to be disturbed further in, for example, an online conversation.

Can also be used in conversations in which case the user holds no interest for the current topic.
By using CKS, the user acknowledges what has just been said, but still sees to it that the conversation abruptly stops.
Retard "Dude, so I just said to my dad, I'll do what I want, because I'm a grown man, so either gimme sum money or I'll stay in my room all day and moan about life and how it's unfair and how I really wanted that pony last Christmas.

User ":P"

Retard "Awh... CKS... you dick.
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CK stands for crip killa, which i am fa life g. BSV Bloods fa life homie, leave them crabs filled wit heat
im a CK fa life, ya heard me?
by young Blood April 6, 2005
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CK SigChi is the best frat on the row bro
by linguistemory October 19, 2010
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