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4 definitions by Sailboatking

A three-some consisting of two girls and a guy. The guy lays on his back while one girls rides him and the other sits on his face. The two girls face each other holdings hands, creating a triangle or "Sail".

The same thing as Eiffel tower but for 2 girls, 1 guy.
ddannnggggg! Dina and Snooks really know how to go sailboating!!
by Sailboatking August 11, 2011
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a man that has massive balls that hang low, similar to a bull.
I can tell he has Bull balls cuz his package is HUGE!!
by Sailboatking June 13, 2015
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Using both cocaine and ketamine (CK) in the same night to experience a euphoric high similar to molly.
Am: “are we Calvin Klein-ing at this party tonight??”
Ry: “yessir, just got some Klein earlier”
by Sailboatking September 29, 2018
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Snorting ketamine while in molly to even out, enhance, and extend the high.
Ry: “we Michael Kors-ing at this party tonight?”
Am: “yessir. Popping the Michael around 11”
by Sailboatking September 29, 2018
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