A lovely light skinned girl , she's crazy , talented , and laughable . her favorite color is orange . shes the only girl with this name , NYC girl , aka Cali , Crazy Cali , or calitheterminator . has extreme taste in style , curly hair , Pisces , short , petite , and outgoing . a good role model . a gift from god .
Calizsa is amazing and talented.
by Bae224 March 11, 2015
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"Cali" is a shortened name for a large city in Columbia, but it has recently been coined to refer to the US state of California.

"Cali," in reference to California, has been mainly used by non-Californians, but has been used by native-Californians before.
We drove to Cali and got drunk on the beach... Teenage Dreams by Katy Perry

I can't wait to go back to Cali. It's too cold or dry anywhere else.
by jamjamasian October 29, 2010
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Cali's are pretty girls with black hair and green/blue eyes. They usually hate people but if you get on their good side you may be in luck. Cali's are friendly to some but not all. People usually make fun of Cali's but in the end it's all fun and games. If you're Cali's friend then cherish being there for them. You may not realize it but you guys need each other and are really good friends. Don't use a Cali and be sure to be an awesome friend for her. Usually Cali's have at least 1 gay guy friend. Cool or not, Cali is the best friend that you will end up needing. <3
Human: Woah, i wish Cali was MY friend.
Human 2: Too bad she's not
Human 3: yeah you're right, she's not your friend. She's mine.
by Ur BFF FOR LIFE September 25, 2010
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Cali is a girls name that means "song bird" or "stunning". Cali's are normally very loud and funny, very fun to be around, and are normally model-type beauties! When you meet a Cali, you will want to be their friend immediately, they have a fun personality!
Hey, is your name Cali? You act like a Cali.
by calcal1267 June 06, 2014
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cali: referring to the great state of california

also in other slang terms could be used in substitute for the word cool, and can be used to describe a beautiful girl usually blonde
1:california- im goin goin back back to cali cali...

2:cool-dude that show so cali

3:girl- that girl cali

btw fuck you if you think people from cali dont use the word cali la jolla all day in the 858 SD
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A beautiful girl with a big heart. She loves you like puppy and gives good kisses. She has a great laugh with an even better sense of humor. Treat her right and she will love you forever. Love a cali.
Cali is the sweetest girl I've ever met.
by GhostHonda October 31, 2017
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Cali usually with bright blonde hair and greenish blue eyes. Calis are great friends but can get shy easily. Always has food and is willing to share with anyone. Never gets super mad but when she does you probably wouldn't know. Calis are great friends to make. if you have a friend named Cali! NEVER let her go
Madison-"Woah that girl is a super pretty!"

Nadia- "She's probably a Cali"
by Maddie Nashua May 11, 2017
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