A name for girl that is perfect for any guy. They tend to have good humor and are very athletic. Most "Cali's" have blonde hair. Can be very beautiful.
They are also warm hearted and super caring.
Dude#1- I think im falling for this girl....

Dude#2-is she cute, funny or nice?

Dude#1- Definetly, her name is Cali!
by kolourfreak January 04, 2010
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Cali usually with bright blonde hair and greenish blue eyes. Calis are great friends but can get shy easily. Always has food and is willing to share with anyone. Never gets super mad but when she does you probably wouldn't know. Calis are great friends to make. if you have a friend named Cali! NEVER let her go
Madison-"Woah that girl is a super pretty!"

Nadia- "She's probably a Cali"
by Maddie Nashua May 11, 2017
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She is a smart, beautiful girl. Everybody likes a girl named Cali. She is brave, athletic, and powerful. A Cali is very popular and funny. Many people look up to a Cali.
Omg I love Cali!
Cali is so funny and cute.
by Oooooooooooh Really November 28, 2016
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usually a girls name meaning "most beautiful". Cali's make you smile and she is a total goof ball. She loves sports and likes to explore. One hottest girls in her grade. Most guys chase after her but she friend-zones them. She can be a total smart-ass and a bitch, but then be the most kind person.
"Damn you see that hot girl, her name is Cali".

"I love exploring just like Cali".
by av0cad0_t0ast July 01, 2018
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The most beautiful girl in the world. The best friend you can possibly have. Most likely to be rather shy and quiet at first, but crazy and witty behind the scenes. A bit of a headie and gets kind of excited over the prospect of drinking. Loves her friends, is blonde, has blue eyes and is SEXY. Attracts major alcohol frat boy bros.
Zomggg Me and Cali have been friends since da 6th grade!!

Damn did you see Cali saturday night? She was fucked out of her mind she really came out of her shell.
by NotH3@d!i394 November 21, 2010
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Cali is a beautiful fun-loving girl who has a witty and dirty sense of humor! She has her own interesting fashion choices that make people turn and stare. She's shy at first but is actually a fun, crazy, charismatic girl who's always there for you when she's needed!!
You know Cali?

Oh my god, yeah! She's super pretty and weird but she's a great friend!
by -mercedes is mine, don't touch February 01, 2017
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a short word for fucken california
in which cali ppl or non cali ppl use
but true califronia ppl hate bitches that say cali :)
ohio girl- "hey how is it in cali?"
cali girl- "hoe!!!say california you dont live here...(calm voice)- well it is good weather and hot ppl here i dont think it can get any better.."
by heavymetalluver July 10, 2008
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