Best Engineering School on the West coast and maybe the U.S. Has the second best architecture program in the nation next to Harvard. Where all the smart people that realize that cal is a bunch of bullshit go, because we actually want to do something with our majors other than smoke weed and complain about Bush. Best place to go for most other concentration too over Cal, since cal wont let you in some majors until you are a Junior.( Have fun with GEs for 2 years).

Great Parties, and is located in San Luis Obispo which is 10 minutes from Pismo and Avila beach where the babes run wild.

Cal Poly's moto is learn by doing which is one of the greatest since half your classes will not be 500 people lectures, and yes, you do get involved with acutal things relating to your major! OMG! There is a strong emphasis on being envolved in groups and other clubs.

Cal Poly recently hosted the Polybot competition where freshmen and sophmores were shown how to build and program a simple racing robot that would follow a line around a black track.(Where else can a freshman do something that fun and cool)
You go to Cal Poly? Heard it's awesome there. Cal won't let me do computer engineering for atleast another year. fucken ass wipes.
by Félix Turgeon October 8, 2007
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1) Cal Poly is where you go if you want to do something meaningful with the time you spend in college. Of course, going here will virtually guarantee you a prolonged stay, especially if you are in engineering, architecture, or one of the computer majors (in which case you're lucky if you finish in 5-6 years).

2) A source of high stress, difficult and endless work, and perpetual insomnia that will drain you of your time and energy to the point where you miss lectures in order to complete labs on time. If you are in a computer major, be prepared to spend many Friday nights debugging programs to get it ready by the midnight deadline. One of two things is certain: a) you will be tired A LOT, or b) you will be addicted to Adderall.

3) The reason I only get to sleep on days that begin with 'S'. Meanwhile, most other majors drink on every day that ends with 'Y'. Got any Staley classes? Expect this to happen to you!
Cal Poly is living proof of this old saying: What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.
by alcifer November 16, 2009
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A state school that tries to pretend its not.
Cal Poly Student: "Dude, Cal Poly is the best but I can never register for classes because they are always full so I'm gonna be stuck there for 6 years."
UC Student: "Sounds like you go to a state school"
by Henry H. Howlzer December 26, 2007
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usually where most of the UC-Berkeley engineering rejects go - don't deny the fact that Cal is still years ahead of you in engineering and science

Cal's EECS program >>>>>>>>>>>> any other school's similar program, except for maybe MIT

Cal's Haas School of Business >>>>>>>> *

Average GPA and SAT score of admitted EECS applicants: 4.45 and 1460, 4.0+ and 1400+ for engineering applicants overall, whereas cow poly's at 3.87 and 1280.

that, and the area near cow poly's kennedy library smells like shit - at least we don't have to worry about having an ag department
i wasn't smart enough to get into Berkeley, nor even competitve enough to survive,
by eekitty April 23, 2005
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Cal Poly San Luis Obispo:

A safety school. This is where you have to resort to once you get rejected from all your top choices, i.e. Cal, UCLA, USC, UCSD, UCSB, UC Davis, and all your east-coast privates. It's common knowledge that this school just doesn't compare to Cal. Cal is ranked 21st by the US News report for top national universities of 2010. UCLA follows closely behind at 24th. Cal Poly isn't even on the list.

As far as engineering goes, Cal Poly doesn't even offer a doctorate program (Cal does). According to the 2010 US News report, Cal's undergraduate engineering program received a 4.7 out of 5 while Cal Poly's only received a 3.9.

It seems like some people here are bitter because they were rejected from Cal. It's odd, though, that they would have to stoop as low as Cal Poly. There are plenty of better schools in between UC Berkeley and SLO (UCLA, USC, UCSD, etc.) But then again Cal Poly students probably didn't get into those schools either.

The people here probably don't honestly think their school is as good as they claim, they just tell themselves that to justify attending a state school.

Note: there is a common misconception that this school is underrated, when in fact it deserves the rep it has. The fact that students claim their school is the "Harvard of the West" is a testament as to how stupid you can be and still get into this school.
UC Berkeley Admit: I can't believe I applied to Cal Poly, what a waste of money. All they ask for were my grades and test scores. No essay, no extracurricular information. Everyone who applied got in, even that kid from the special ed. dept.

Cal Poly Admit: Today I figured out my only option was SLO. Now I have to go on Urb Dic and call it Harvard to make myself feel better. FML.
by RealCollegeAdmit May 13, 2010
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Better than UC Davis, UCSB, UCI, UCSC and UCR in engineering, better than any other school (with the exception of Cal Poly and Harvard in architecture. One out of every 5 licensed architects in CA graduated from this school as well as one out of every 14 engineers.

And it's crazy cheap too! (~$3000/yr. for tuition for in-state residents and $11000 total when tacked on with housing).

Plus, the new residential suites kick ass.
by The Architect January 5, 2005
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Cal Poly Pomona is one of the two Cal Poly's in the Cal State University System. Their main focus is a "hands-on" approach to education as opposed to a theoretical one you would receive at a University of California (UC) school. With proximity to Los Angeles and a great reputation with industry, internships and job opportunities are numerous for people who do well there.

Today, Cal Poly Pomona would be considered the Cal or UCLA of the 1950's, educating the true middle class and becoming an increasingly attractive option for upper-middle class students who are increasingly being pushed out of the UC system due to budget cuts and a failure to uphold California's Master Plan for Higher Education. Every year, Cal Poly Pomona's reputation increases and admission standards are rising for incoming freshmen.

While it doesn't have the reputation of a UC school or Cal Poly SLO, it is well on its way to becoming a household name in the future as the student body improves and becomes less of a commuter school. Overall, you cannot go wrong with the education you would receive at Cal Poly Pomona.
Guy 1: Should I go to UC Merced or Cal Poly Pomona?
Guy 2: Pomona, hands down.
Guy 1: UC Riverside, UC Santa Cruz, or Cal Poly Pomoma?
Guy 2: Pomona.
Guy 1: How about UC Davis, UC Irvine, or Cal Poly Pomona?
Guy 2: Now that's a tough one. I'd say they're about the same level for technical majors like engineering.
by UCBearkleyStudent May 26, 2012
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