Not to be confused with the original Cal Poly (SLO), it was SLO's satellite campus up until 1966, when it became big enough and split off on its own. Most people are unaware that the Pomona campus exists separately.

It is well renowned for its excellent engineering programs (the College of Engineering was ranked 9th in the nation for 2004), ranks as the #2 CSU for engineering (after Cal Poly SLO), and ranks second in the nation (behind Cornell) for hotel and restaurant management. Like its SLO sister, it holds true to the "learn by doing" philosophy, by integrating practice into traditional theory education. However, unlike SLO, CPP does accept a hefty number of dumbasses, which pretty much has screwed their reputation.

But at the same time, unlike SLO, it is mainly a commuter school and the social environment is just plain bland.

It also boasts as one of the most ethnically diverse campuses in the nation (30% Asian, 28% White, 28% Hispanic, 5% Black), whereas SLO is mostly white.

A serious university for serious students. We only care to go to school for studying, not to go partying.
Cal Poly Pomona is definitely an underrated school, but the admissions staff seriously needs to increase their standards.

Person 1: Where do you go?
Person 2: Cal Poly.
Person 1: Oh, SLO?
Person 2: Umm... noooooes, the other one.
by The Engineer December 9, 2004
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also commonly referred to as "Cow Poly Pomona" is one kick-ass university. Not only does it boast real vegetation and real education, it is also quite fun for women to attend since the ratio is totally in their favor.
People everywhere wondered where a former lingerie model would have learned about quantum mechanics or higher level mathematics, but once they knew she'd gone to Cal Poly Pomona, it was no longer a mystery.
by MintyLeila July 7, 2005
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A colloquial term used to refer to "The Forum," an annual historical journal published by students at Cal Poly, SLO.
Hey, have you read the Cal Poly Forum?
by CP Forum October 4, 2009
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"you go to cal poly, so do I!"
"yeah but I go to the other cal poly"
"there's more than 1?"
"yeah cal poly pomona"
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California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo aka CPSUSLO: Crazy Penis Sucking Unfuckable Sluts (with) Legs Open
You go to Cal Poly SLO? You crazy penis sucking unfuckable slut with legs open. UCSB is better! Did you not get in?...oh, why else would you go to Cal Poly. You dirty dirty state school.
by seant926 October 18, 2011
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the greatest school ever, will kick your schools ass at anything (except football), has a farmers market downtown, had the coolest yosemite tower four floor two group ever in 06-07, known for its diverse white people haha, great parties, hot soccer men, find you best friend in a roomate, and the greatest experience you will ever have
roomie 1: Rooms, where is the greatest place on earth?

roomie 2: Duh, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo!!!
by Miahammjr July 11, 2008
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Cal State School in the middle of nowhere filled with a bunch of pretentious losers that didn't get into UC Berkeley. Is also the Alma Mater of Scott Peterson; convicted murderer currently on death row for Killing his pregnant wife.
Douche 1: Dam man I didn't get into Berkeley

Guy 1: Sucks, so where are you going to study ancient medieval literature now?

Duche 1: Guess I'll go to Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.

Guy 1: yes! I got into Cal Poly SLO!

Guy 2: Didn't that crazy asshole Scott Peterson go there??

Guy 1: Oh yea huh? Guess I better just go to Cal State LA or San Diego State.
by timeisfiction August 31, 2010
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