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Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
I just hired this freakin' smart EECS kid from UC Berkeley.
by eekitty November 18, 2003

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Electrical Engineer or Electrical Engineering
Oh, your major is EE? Dang... you must be smart...
by eekitty November 18, 2003

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usually where most of the UC-Berkeley engineering rejects go - don't deny the fact that Cal is still years ahead of you in engineering and science

Cal's EECS program >>>>>>>>>>>> any other school's similar program, except for maybe MIT

Cal's Haas School of Business >>>>>>>> *

Average GPA and SAT score of admitted EECS applicants: 4.45 and 1460, 4.0+ and 1400+ for engineering applicants overall, whereas cow poly's at 3.87 and 1280.

that, and the area near cow poly's kennedy library smells like shit - at least we don't have to worry about having an ag department
i wasn't smart enough to get into Berkeley, nor even competitve enough to survive,
by eekitty April 23, 2005

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