The Best UC in California with the Sexiest men and Women.
UC Merced got some hot as people that are smart too!!!
by Black Man3 July 29, 2009
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The anus of the UC system, a deprived crap-hole of subpar academic misery and social depravity that is accepting anyone who applies. The typical student was rejected from every other UC but wanted to pander to the fact that they attended a school with the "name" that implies prestige (when in fact none exists at all) but in reality offers nothing but subpar academics, shitty and socially isolating location and a laughable four year college experience. Did I mention UC Merced is being considered for the chopping block? Bet the Regents wish they could have seen the financial cuts coming! Merced will be the bellwether for the great budget deficit of our time.
Guy 1: Dude, I got rejected from all my top schools. And even SDSU and Cal Poly
Guy 2: Bro, that sucks to be you. So where are you headed?
Guy 1: UC Merced! But I'm probably going to transfer out...
Guy 2: Riiiiighhtttttt
by Real UC Student April 15, 2011
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The newest of the UC's and the easiest to get into. Because of the largest club on campus is a Christian club, and the majority of students falling into the order of Asian, Mexican/Hispanic, University of Christian Minorities has become the new place to go.
Did you get into UC Merced?
Yeah, but there are too many Christian minorities.
by kin2 November 22, 2010
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University of California, Merced. Brand new, just started in 2005. Whether people will want to spend four years in Merced is anybody's guess at this point.
Person 1: Damn, man, I live in the 559 and I couldn't get into UCLA, but I don't wanna be stuck at some dumbass Cal State.

Person 2: Have you applied to UC Merced?
by Snatar October 01, 2006
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