The best kind of engineering. Every job wants you, everybody needs you. Software? You shit out programs for breakfast. All other engineers look up to you because you're a beast. You blend into any group of friends because you own geeky conversations, but you still stay in shape like a salsa dancing gazelle. You dress to impress and the bitches can't get off you because you got dat layer of abs underneath that button down shirt.
"I heard Jakey B switch to computer engineering"
"Damn, God made another angel today"
by anonymous124124 January 6, 2014
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A profession that is hard to learn, hard to practise.
Computer engineering students usually wear plaid shirts and rimless eyeglasses.
by gcx February 3, 2011
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A college major that will make you hate your life, your friends, computers, electronics, and anything remotely enjoyable about your life. Mass consumption of alcohol in the 20 minutes of free time a week keeps you sane.
"Yo look at dude banging his head off the wall"
"Must be a computer engineer"
by LateNightEngineer April 15, 2010
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A course at the college/university that f***ed you up with binaries, hexadecimals, ASCII and some sh*t, not that “hackerboy” stuff. Mostly people will ask you if you know how to repair a laptop.

Require a blunt everytime finishing an assignment.
“Dude u from computer engineering?”
“Yeah bro”
“Cool dude, now repair my laptop
by guessmybinary December 21, 2018
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