a time when someone is kiked out of any society due to stupidity or just cause no one likes them.
"ur mom doesn't love you, no one loves you, you're now sentenced to banishment buh bye!" counseler hommenm.
by Jakken October 12, 2006
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to get rid of forever. one day you decide to shun your girlfriend once and for all.
bitch, quit calling me, you ARE banished!
by projectmcl June 26, 2004
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Dutch Slang, founded in Houten / Nieuwegein (Utreg).
Banish means things as cool nice sweet sound, just a positive vibe.
Nowadays its common all over Holland and in some parts of the UK they enclosed banish as urban lingo!
That girl looks max banish!!
by Old Skoolie April 28, 2008
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To be rejected and ignored; shunned. Deemed irrelevant or intolerable. Can be used to describe people, ideas, objects, etc. Can be used in verb form (“banish”).
*Person A being annoying*
Person B, finally snapping: aiight, get out. Ur banished.
by yogurttoaster September 17, 2019
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a slang word to describe when you are mad at a friend and you want to ignore them, or in other words "banish"
Frankie: I can't believe that that my girlfriend had sex with my brother. I think I should banish her.
Kia: I totally agree with your decision.
by Peter Calabrese September 3, 2007
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Something to tell people when they piss you off.
Mitch: What have you been doing today joe?
Joe: I've been doing your mum
Mitch: hahahahaha...
Joe: banished
by jesus April 25, 2004
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