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(Chez-uh-ray) A totally steaming hot guy with a nice fluffy afro. Caesare's usually enjoy skateboarding, and staring at hot women. They are quite witty with a bit of failing Algebra. They like the beach, which goes along with staring at hot women. Especially white chicks. Did I forget to mention Caesare's are never white themselves? If they are, they are definitely not a true Caesare. Sexy.
girl 1: "OMG did you just like, totally see that hot non-white guy just now?!"
girl 2: "yeah, girl. He's definitely like, a Caesare."
by Nikkaaaaaaay June 01, 2010
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Like, the coolest person EVER. She's so tight, and there's nothing you could possibly do to make yourself cooler than her. Plus, she'll understand if you have to go to the skate park in a helmet.
"Who's that?"
"Oh, that's Caesare."
by lalaland429 September 06, 2009
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