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Caeden is intelligent in many areas at school, but acts without common sense when not in school. He has a great personality and is usually blonde. He is very optimistic and can turn any bad situation into a good one. He is a good friend to be around. He may not always be the best-looking on the outside, but has a great heart. He is very athletic and has big dreams for his future. He probably has European descent in him and is attracted to red-headed girls. Once he likes a girl it is extremely hard for anyone to change his mind. He is a great friend. He will help anyone in trouble if he can. He likes listening to music. He is usually the class clown and gets sent to the principal's office quite regularly- half the time he did do something wrong and the other half is usually because none of his teachers like him. Caeden is great to hang around. He is not perfect, but he makes it up with his charming personality.
Caeden is a great dude to be with!
by TheBeast is least April 20, 2020

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An Asian Elias.If you do not want to be friends, he will diminish your ego to an extent that no one, with the exception of God, can do in their right minds. He has unlimited power crawling from his fingertips that carry into the rest of his body. He can take anyones girl, and he is more scary than all of Stephen King's novels combined. He will find you. And he will kill you.
Wow! Is that Benaiah? You better hide your girl and run, because he can and will take your girl at anytime.
by TheBeast is least October 24, 2020

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A person, usually from African descent, that thinks he is in charge. He also does not care about other people, and he will do anything to get his willing done. If Gerre' is found doing something that is halfway decent, it is to make him look good. Everyone likes him for who he is not. His true self is a evil monster that wants to stir up drama, and likes to antagonize people.
Me: "Wow! Did you see Gerre' being absolutely retarded? He does nothing right, and no one likes him, he just gets "friends" only because he blackmails them."
Friend: " No one can be that evil and demented!".
Me: "Well then you haven't met Gerre'.".
by TheBeast is least April 20, 2020

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