Caeden , a fucking skinny ass bitch , usually from European decent .He has a horrible personality and is usually blonde .He has severe anger problems, and turns every situation into a fight.He fights people that he knows are weaker then him because he's a pussy.He is not loyal and has liked 3 different girls at the same time . He has a horrible taste of pop music .He is extremely lazy and does the least amount of work he can in everything he does. He does not pay attention in class because he's to busy "trying" to be funny .He also gets all his jokes from the office .Nobody who really knows Caeden likes him.He also likes to push people's buttons to get them angry ,and hes a really good liar.Fun fact : One of his man tits is bigger then the other. Another fun fact: He also likes to write articles about himself to make himself sound good.
Caeden' s friends:"WoW caeden is a really funny social dude, he is so kind and good at sports.
Me:No caeden is a bully and is extremely aggressive once you get to know him , he is funny sometimes, but doesn't know his limits , and says a lot of things he shouldn't . Over all hes not that good of a person .
Caedens friends: O, that makes alot of sense . I guess hes not that good of a friend .
by I cracked your case September 11, 2020
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A gap toothed retard born in 2004 on November 23. This kid is very socially awkward and chunky doesn't know how to take a joke and has a trash youtube channel! He also rages too much!
Speak up Caeden I cant hear your fat ass!
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by Timous Nibous September 29, 2019
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Caedn is a averaged sized blondie. Caeden has liked you forever, but you hate his guts. He is a talkative, annoying, selfish, forever alone and rude guy. Everybody thinks he is annoying. Some people find it hard to find out if he is gay or not. He is also ugly as frick. He is a tier three hecker. Caeden is the worst!
OMG! He is so annoying, he must be a caeden!

Ew, Caeden is the WORST!!!!
by clowns_ November 27, 2019
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Some one with a mega micro dick he looks like a gay homo and smells like dick all the time God wishes he could smite all caedens and send them to the dick torture room oh wait the don't have one
What the fuck caeden where's your dick is it that small
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by I want the Kermit Fry's November 16, 2019
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