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A form of the word "cable" used on networks such as ShadowLink (IRC) originally by a member known as SparcDr, who himself lost too many brain cells in early life. Cabl can be used in a question, in a statement, and with descriptive traits such as color or texture. Cabl merely describes a dumbed down version of the word cable, usually used when discussion of AV connectors and the internet come into play.
I went to Frys to get some cabl for my cat-6 switch.
Is that cabl hanging around your neck?
My DSL trumps your cabl!
Wow your cabl is lame.
Why did you get that small piece of cabl when you could had gotten a big piece of cabl for the same price?
Omghax my cabl feels like cabl!
by James Cornell September 03, 2006
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