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1) The peak of sexual excitement, characterized by strong feelings of pleasure and by a series of involuntary contractions of the muscles of the genitals, usually accompanied by the ejaculation of semen by the male. Also called climax.

2) A similar point of intensity of emotional excitement.

To experience an orgasm.
Many women — about one out of three — have trouble reaching orgasm when having sex with a partner. Most women experience orgasm through clitoral stimulation rather than through vaginal penetration. So if a woman is having difficulty reaching orgasm, she may want to try clitoral stimulation during, before, or after vaginal intercourse and oral sex to have an orgasm. Keep in mind, every woman's body responds differently to various kinds of sex play. Each woman has different preferences for the ways in which her clitoris is stimulated.
by illEATurHARTout July 06, 2004

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A slang term for television.
“Parents complain about the quality of the shows but don't prevent their children from gluing themselves to the boob tube” (David Owen)
by illEATurHARTout April 13, 2004

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A birth control device, such as a plastic or metallic loop, ring, or spiral, that is inserted into the uterus to prevent implantation; intrauterine device.
Man: "Oh, crap. I forgot the condoms!"
Woman: "It's okay, honey. We can use my extra IUD!"
by illEATurHARTout March 27, 2004

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Absence without leave; truancy.
All John does is play hooky from school and stay home & do drugs.
by illEATurHARTout March 12, 2004

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October 31, celebrated in the United States, Canada, and the British Isles by children going door to door while wearing costumes and begging treats and playing pranks.
What are you going to be for Halloween?
by illEATurHARTout November 01, 2004

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1) A doctrine or a corpus of doctrines relating to matters such as morality and faith, set forth in an authoritative manner by a church.

2) An authoritative principle, belief, or statement of ideas or opinion, especially one considered to be absolutely true. See Synonyms at doctrine.

3) A principle or belief or a group of them.

Usage: -- Dogma, Tenet. A tenet is that which is maintained as true with great firmness; as, the tenets of our holy religion. A dogma is that which is laid down with authority as indubitably true, especially a religious doctrine; as, the dogmas of the church. A tenet rests on its own intrinsic merits or demerits; a dogma rests on authority regarded as competent to decide and determine. Dogma has in our language acquired, to some extent, a repulsive sense, from its carrying with it the idea of undue authority or assumption. This is more fully the case with its derivatives dogmatical and dogmatism.
The dogmas of the quiet past are inadequate to the stormy present” (Abraham Lincoln)
by illEATurHARTout June 24, 2004

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The reverse side of a phonograph record, especially a single.
How many songs are you planning to record and will all of them go on the album or will some be used as b-sides?
by illEATurHARTout May 20, 2004

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