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The College of Staten Island High School for International Studies. This school will not only ruin your life, but also lower your GPA by AT LEAST a point. Make it a priority not to go here, and attend a REAL high school instead, such as Brooklyn Technical, Bronx Science, or Stuyvesant.
1. Damn, I can't believe I go to CSIHSIS, what a total waste of my life.
by BellaNotte April 30, 2008
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a really fucked up school, a total shithole. whatever you do, never go there.
"Oh I just can't wait until the summer ends so I can go to csihsis, go to advisory and express my emotions to my advisor!"

"Activities are fun!"

by Rivka August 31, 2007
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a 'school' once located on the CSI campus, now transfered to Essex Drive because Mrs. Harowits is the worst planner and has shit for a brian.
This 'school' is a never ending summer camp
It will make you never want to think about your 'goals' ever again.
"Come on, write down your academic goals so we can waste actual learning time on bullshit. Here at CSIHSIS we secretly strive for our students to have summer school because we hate our lives and are pathetic souls of teachers".
by holaaaaaa June 05, 2009
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-The most useless eduaction you will find.
1."I can't waite to go to CSIHSIS and waiste hours of my life each day learning complete bullshit that i will never use in my future!".

2." The teachers here are fucking great, but maybe next year if I'm lucky I'll get one who actually speaks English!"
by mysteryy man June 09, 2009
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A school where despite the previous definitions listed here, does house some literate students.
Yea, I go to CSIHSIS and am passing all of my classes.

Wow, sounds like you are a perfectly adequate student!

Yea, I don't try.
by Wazzzzzzzzzzzzzzup April 12, 2011
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