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A computer condition that occurs when your cousin frequents numerous porn sites and contracts a hard drive-debilitating virus.
I couldn't check my email because I've got CRAIDS.

The CRAIDS pwn3ed my hard drive and now I have to buy a new one. This sux0r!!!
by Mewkins March 24, 2006
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likely first described in Manhattan's venerable Bellevue Hospital, this condition is diagnosed when the unfortunate patient is both crazy, and has a CD4 count less than 200 (has AIDS).
that guy is on atripla and got 5 of haldol for urinating at the nurses...yeah, he has craids.
by happyhappyjoyjoyhappyhappyjoy October 05, 2009
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West Springfield Senior High School low life pot head definition for cannibus. First used by a person named Watson.
Sometimes when I smoke too much craid I feel like having a vaseline sandwich, and having sex withe Mrs. Bri****
by schpankmonkey January 25, 2004
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Something so disgusting that it is said to have the distinguishing characteristics of both crabs and aids.
What's with that gunky buildup in the sink? That's disgusting! It has craids!
by Birky 8.5 July 02, 2007
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A rare STD which has been found in the resort areas of Mexico and Dominican Republic, thought to have originated in the city of Edmonton. This disease usually affects males and females between the ages of 8 and 16, with only a few cases found in women ages 18-30 and one case in an 82 year old woman. Symptoms include, but are not limited to: genital rash and/or itching, pain during urination, sudden death, profuse diarrhea, a sudden unusual fear of feet, a fondness for self asphyxiation, and vaginal or anal discharge.
Person A "I had sex with Morgan O'Reilly"
Person B "Haha... you have CRAIDS"
by -Tine- January 16, 2009
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CRAIDS is a hilarious disease in which the patient in question has somehow sexually contracted both Crohn's Disease AND AIDS.

Some people believe CRAIDS is the worst disease ever, as not only is a CRAIDS patient unable to enjoy red meat without bloody, watery diarrhea, but also can't have sex with anyone ever again aside from other CRAIDS patients. There is only one known case of CRAIDS in the world.

Others believe CRAIDS to be the best disease because it is easily made fun of. Crohn's Disease is humorous because it involves massive shits and is not fatal. AIDS is laugh-eliciting due to it's prevalence among the gays, and because it is an '80s disease. Therefore, CRAIDS is fast becoming a wide topic of ridicule among late night talk show hosts.
Pat: NLLLEEEhhhh, I just accidentally ate a burger and a bunch of white blood cells came out in my shit! Must be my CRAIDS actin up, dude! YOOOOOOOOOO DUDE
by Chernorizets Hrabr February 09, 2010
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the rare disease where you have the std crabs and they have AIDS( you can have AIDS and crabs but not have craids, the crabs have to have AIDS) disease discvered by bryce hill
"dude my crabs are all dying cuz they have AIDS"
" haha looks like you have craids!!!"
by CRAIDman December 25, 2009
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