She's your basic average girl, she is here to save the world, you can't stop her, she can do anything.
Kim Possible is a girly girl, yet a burly girl.
by Bill W April 13, 2004
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A girl, or boy, wearing no bra, with extremely pointed breasts.
DANG Suzie!
Going Kim Possible today?
by bbbrittanybbbyo August 20, 2008
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Call her, beep her, if ya wanna reach her.
"Kim possible is on!"
"Kim possible is my favorite TV show"
by Beep me October 21, 2019
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A show preppy teens or preteen girls like. Many preteen girls love to imitate it as an attempt to be cool. The characters are mostly two dimensional, and it focuses way too much on the main character Kim. Poor character development, but little girls like her because she is a self centered straight A student cheerleader with overly pointy boobs who thinks she's all that and also tries to be cool. She is a part time spy because apparently teenage girls who are still in high school obviously do better than adult spies that underwent years of training and the whole world of Kim Possible lies in the hands of teenage children.

Dumb girls at my school and possibly elsewhere like to use phrases from the show in a desperate attempt to seem cool. Some true stories as examples:
1. Dumb wannabe girl: "JINX! You owe me a soda!"

Me: "I don't owe you anything, twit. Stop watching so much Kim Possible and go watch something more complex, well-written, and serious, like Trigun or Rurouni Kenshin, which earn more awards than Kim Possible."

2. Dumb wannabe #2: "Sooo not the drama."

Me: "I was about to insult you but thanks to that comment you made, I don't have to."

3. Dumb wannabe #3: "Oh my gosh, I know what konichiwa means because it was on Kim Possible, OH MY GOSH, I KNOW JAPANESE!"

Me: "... (Must resist the urge to call shotgun.)"
by Heartshaped Odangos February 16, 2009
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Tyler Soles the reason were alive today the reason to believe anything is Possible.
Kim Possible made the impossible possible .

Kim Possible keeps me alive.
by ginny garner January 11, 2018
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A show about a teenage girl who doesn't wear full shirts or bras in any of her episodes because her parents let her because they are desperate and don't want her to move out although she's a senior. She's a student and somehow a part time spy. She goes on a mission every day during school and still manages to get straight As because when she's off the camera she threatens her instructors. She wins all of her battles with her unreal cheerleading moves because real spies and police officers with years of training evidently don't know what the hell they're doing. Then she has this dingy side-kick, Ron Stoppable who is always fucking up every mission but KP always finds a way to stop the crime. Her parents also don't care about her because she travels all around the world and fights crime because cartoon world is a utopia.
Who stopped Draken from sucking up the Earth's atmosphere?!
Kim possible!

Who stopped the Bebes from invading the world?!
Kim possible!

And who in the hell stopped Shego from turning all heroes into villians?!

Me: Wow. She's like a young female Liam Neeson.
by lenalena95 March 25, 2010
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The sexiest and most beautiful girl ever! Yeah i know....somthing is wrong with me......(sigh)
the other definitions for KP are lies deep down all the people who put her down are liars, deep down they love her, but they better keep thier hands off her! SHE'S MINE!
hay look there goes Kim Possible

yeah she's not bad for a cartoon



KP 4 ME! (something is wrong with me)
by Aston May 23, 2004
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