Competitive programming (solving algorithmic problems using code in a timed competition)
- A: Hey. Do you love cp?
= B: By cp you mean child porn or competitive programming.
FBI Agent: Dafuq.
- A: Jesus. Competitive programming.
= B: Yeah I do love cp.
by kroopy September 12, 2020
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Child Porn
Command Post from the star wars battlefront games
by sporks February 02, 2008
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1) Child Pornography.
2) In loose terms: Photography or any form of imagery which features children in compromising positions or in positions which could be interpreted as sexual by the mind of the viewer.
3) Any photograph in the Internet of a child under 12 years of age or younger.
4) Not to be confused with jb (jail bait).
-"Is that a cp folder in your computer?!!!"

-"Hell no, that's my baby sister's birthday party."
by "A" June 14, 2008
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An acronym for "Copy Paste", often used on twitter.
Saucy Glenn: Mute the sound of my knob hitting your jaw because trust me you'll fucking hear that

BhaCashman: huh?

Saucy Glenn: dw it's a cp
by Joseph "the womaniser" Terry September 05, 2021
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Cock Punching State-trooper. A terribly corrupt officer.
"He's a CPS.... I know from personal experience..... twice".
by jimmychangnuts September 16, 2006
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