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Comment Of The Day.
Stands for a comment that deserves a special place in a blog for being funny, good, ridiculous, etc.
<tatclass> YOU ALL SUCK DICK
<tatclass> er.
<tatclass> hi.
<andy\code> A common typo.
<tatclass> the keys are like right next to each other.
<andy\code> COTD, Lol.
by xatax April 14, 2010
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Officially, COTD stands for "Choke On Two Dicks" however the number of dicks can be expanded to any number of dicks provided that the spelling of the number begins with the letter "T". For Example: "Choke On Ten Dicks", "Choke On Thirty Dicks", "Choke On Twelve-thousand Dicks". This acronym is used to tell someone that you are displeased with them and that they should shut their mouths or leave your presence. Similar in usage to "Go to hell", "Take a hike", "Kiss my ass", etc.
He said that? Well, he can just go COTD.
by WURDSMYTH28 August 09, 2017
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