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Two Dicks is the term that is mostly used by Blueface, the meaning of this phrase is that you have 1 dick and 1 strap (glock, pistol, sidearm) in your pants.
Blueface: Blueface baby, yeah aight, Two dicks, big pisser and the Glicko
Nobody: that is actually fire
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by Invalid Silver April 15, 2019
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an insult, originating from the butcher shops of australia. usually said to the apprentice followed by a blank stare and "huh?", to which the butcher replies,"ya, couldnt be that stupid playin' with one!" also common on archery ranges.
Butcher: Mate, you must have two dicks!
Butcher: Ya couldn't be that stupid playin' with one!
by splinter barberino January 09, 2006
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Two dicks is something you call a bloke (normally a young bloke) who does dumb things. The logic behind the name is that the recipient is so silly, he must have two dicks, because he is way too stupid to be playing with just one.
"Hey two dicks, come here for a second".

"Why do you keep calling me that?"

"Because only a total idiot would put steak on the BBQ without turning it on"...
by Bubba Zanetti February 07, 2020
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