corpse, other than in the dead body sense, can be used to describe the way somebody looks or feels or the way something looks.
eg 1)Steve - what you cooking?

Rich - meatballs from a can

Steve - that looks corpse, i wouldn't eat that shit!

eg 2)Rich - you look terrible, did you drink a lot last night?

Steve - yea, i drank a fuckload, i feel like a corpse, i think i'm dying!

eg 3) Loz - did you see the girl i went home with last night?

Steve - yea she was a fucking corpse! did you get her number?

Loz - yea

Steve - i wouldn't bother ringing her haha
by joeboy May 30, 2006
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1. an empty liquor bottle(see also dead soldier)

2. the smoked end of a cigarette
by Light Joker January 27, 2005
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Corpse has no doubt is refer to White people. Some White people have pale skin; like dead people. So they've been called Corpse
Black Thief A: Cops are coming, let's go!

Black Thief B: Why are you afraid of "corpses"?

Black Thief A: I mean Cops, you fuckarded!
by fuck your mother and March 09, 2009
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a youtuber who makes horror narration videos and music. also... he has an incredible voice and many simp for him.
have you ever heard of corpse husband?
yeah! it's that 'e-girls are ruining my life' guy
by kayy_341 October 02, 2020
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What the only survivor in a mass grave must go through to escape..
Opening his eyes in a blood soaked haze, Ben deftly side stepped multiple dead bodies as he weaved through an Obstacle Corpse, as the only survivor...
by Clifhanger April 11, 2017
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The semen/lube that drips out of a sleeping person who has just been fucked.
Damn bro, I got home from raquetball she was already passed out on the couch and oozing out that corpse juice all over my brand new couch.
by Ranchgirls November 06, 2020
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