In (Dis)United Kingdom cont means CONservative Toff. A ridiculous person, possibly of an aristocratic or otherwise upper class background with considerable disdain and contempt for poorer people than him/herself. Politically aligned the CONservative party and its right wing ideology. Communicates with a kind of weird farm English that often has odd sounding grunts and throat sounds replacing actual words that result in very incoherent ramblings about peasants and other such things that were relevant 300 or more years ago. Very prominent at Eton college and House of the Lords. Often has a overtly proportionate influence in British politics only because of the large inherited landholdings and has to be tolerated for this reason. Untrustworthy and CONniving in nature and has no problem in distorting the truth in CONstant basis.
Fucking hell Jeremy, that Boris is a right Cont. Did you see his dad Stanley telling the Channel 4 reporter that the majority of British people are illiterate and can't spell Pinocchio? Anyway Jezza, good look with giving these Conts a good bollocking in the elections.
by December 2, 2019
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the north wales slang for cunt! and they say it for no reason half the time. It's not necessarily an insult always.
"Hey! You ok cont?"
"Watcha doing cont?"
"God he's a cont"

but obviously in welsh!
by Gwenzo December 13, 2007
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someone who thinks they can take on the entire world and is not scared of anything. This kind of person likes to start fights and is usually very athletic. when confronted be careful for this type of person will destroy the average human being, he is extremely crazy so be careful. a conte will usually act like a ghetto guinea usually know everyone at the party often refers to himself as the boss.
-yo if that nigga dont stop frontin om going conte on his ass
-im feeling conteish at this party
by jack motherfuckin d February 3, 2007
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A woman at any given convention who is acting like a complete and utter cunt.
The security woman who refused to allow people into Hall H at Comic Con was acting like a huge cont.
by Connor Mantis September 28, 2010
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Also used as a prelude/warning to an action performed by an individual.
Here's comes the CONT train baby! Woo Woo WOO!!

You have to CONT it right there!!

Feel the pain you cont!
by cappuccinodan February 5, 2010
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you cont.
by pad man March 20, 2003
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