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Change My View - common on reddit, someone states an opinion and challenges other people to change their view.
"The refusal to say 'curse words' is idiotic CMV"
by demotic May 05, 2013
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Person A: look at my awesome CMV
Person B: that's a pretty sweet CMV nice costume as well
by Tommo92 February 28, 2011
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child molester van. usually an old 80's panelvan (ford econoline, chevy vandura, gmc beaverville, dodge ramvan, etc...) cmv's will usually have swing out doors on the side known as child snatching doors. commonly driving the van will be a middle-aged man who looks like child molester.
the cmv pulled up with the child snatching doors waiting to feast upon the school children
by chin nuts June 14, 2007
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acronym for "Child Molester Van" - usually an older beat up econovan with either no windows in the back or tinted windows.
Did you see that CMV circling the block?
by edubound00 April 04, 2006
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Chinga Mi Vida. The spanish equivalent of FML.
Juan: La puta madre que te pario! I seriously just spilled this soda all over my low-rider. CMV guey.
by chingola February 21, 2011
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"Cartoon Music Video"

Many people, when making CMVs with cartoon shows, call them AMVs, even though they are using cartoons and not anime.

CMVs are videos in which the creator has different clips, and a song to go along with them.
1: "Hey, check out this CMV I made."
2: "Whoa, how did you make it?"
1: "It's easy, dipwad. I just get clips and get music and then this masterpiece happens."
2: Awesome!
by castfire May 22, 2009
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creepy molestor vibe - the vibe you get when you know some old man/guy wants more than just your friendship and you feel grossed out and dirty.
"That guy totally gave me the C.M.V.. Gross!"
by Britzer August 21, 2007
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