cartoon music video. similar to anime music video, but with cartoons; hence the name.
josh: β€œhave you seen that simsons’ cmv?”tom: β€œyeah bro. sad shit.”
by s a d January 24, 2021
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child molester van. usually an old 80's panelvan (ford econoline, chevy vandura, gmc beaverville, dodge ramvan, etc...) cmv's will usually have swing out doors on the side known as child snatching doors. commonly driving the van will be a middle-aged man who looks like child molester.
the cmv pulled up with the child snatching doors waiting to feast upon the school children
by chin nuts June 14, 2007
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creepy molestor vibe - the vibe you get when you know some old man/guy wants more than just your friendship and you feel grossed out and dirty.
"That guy totally gave me the C.M.V.. Gross!"
by Britzer August 21, 2007
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CMV being short for code music video's. Typically video game video's being about codes being regular, game shark, game genie, game shark, action reply, code breaker, glitches, tricks, easter eggs, mods, etc.

Normally video's that you see on youtube and other video sites made by video gamers that featuring one or more games or codes, featuring music that isn't from that game/games.
I just saw this CMV about Grand Theft Auto San Andreas bike stunt that feature music of Green Day in it.
by Zaneispain December 11, 2007
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